About Clinic Horse Impulse 6.-8.7.2018

A multiprofessional equine clinic on how to better the work and overall welfare of your horse

Four Equine Professionals (a veterinarian/osteopath, a farrier, an expert in bio-mechanics/classical riding and a saddler), all working in Austria, found out that they shared similar views regarding the damage riding can do to a horse. These guys kept coming together and have now conceptualized a method to re-educate the horse to carry the rider in a sustainable manner. This multi professional and holistic approach gives you the keys to keep your horse healthy and happy. It is not only about movement but also about the important things that affect the horses movement: saddles & tack, correct farriery and nutrition.

These guys are not distant pros who come and "do their thing" on your horse and leave you wondering what the visit was really about. These guys come to teach you to master it yourselves after the clinic. Therefore the Clinic will really change the way you keep and train your horse in the future.

Karin from Vixen visited these guys in Austria in February 2018 and this is her message to you:

“I have been around horses for more than 50 years. As a professional Saddle Fitter I also see how riding damages horses. These guys truly have a method to change all this. This is not a quick fix method, it takes considerable effort from the rider/handler to learn it and to keep  p with the clever work. It involves body work, ground work, riding, tack, farriery and nutrition. But it is so brilliant and I know there are many riders out there who are up to it and willing to learn.”

We are also happy to be in contact with Drs Karin Leibbrandt, a Dutch veterinarian specialised in rehabilitation and sports and (Rehabilitation)Training of horses from 4DimensionDressage who recently posted a very true Facebook post about kissing spines "not beeing a diagnosis but a symptom. A symptom that goes along with other symptoms such as problems in the joint and neck. The cause of these symptoms are the constrictions and restrictions of the fasciae. The cause of this can be many, but the most important is the way of training and the body posture that is asked of the horse during training." Drs Leibbrandts book Compassionate Training for Today's Sport Horse will soon also be available in English.

Vixen is proud to present, in co-operation with Ratsastusseura Equus ry and Erkylän kartanon talli:

Invitation and enrolment for the Horse Impulse Clinic 6.-8.7.2018

Preliminary Program for the Clinic

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